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While I was doing some more clearing up the many duplicates and ‘essential’ files off my hard drive, I found an old Cinema 4D project. It was then I decided to render this in Blender. One, I was never happy with the final renders I did in C4D. Not because C4D was not capable, no rather the old ‘short deadlines’ story forced some creative short cuts to be taken. Two, I was not familiar with Cycles and the new PBR workflow it offered was and this was a good opportunity to change that.

I can’t say it took long to do, but that is more to do with how long ago I did this and the memory banks have already replaced that information with something new. Below is a rather sterile quick animation done in three styles. It was a good exercise for me, and I learnt a lot doing it, however the final result was not very exciting for the viewer.

Fast forward a year or so, and I am back clearing up my hard drive. I swear, where does all this digital detritus come from? I mean, I am sure I backed this project up.

A quick look at the final render made me think I should really turn this into a short promo that had a little more meat on the bones. So a few camera setups later, there were some shots to string to an edit. The rendering took a while of course.

So here is the final article. Not to be re-looked at ever again, I promise. Incidently, the music was done by myself. Not a musician at all, but it was fun to put some beats to the images.


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