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I love design…

I love animation…

I love coding…

The common thread is the creative endeavour to make something that brings joy to oneself and others. And although I have many years of experience, I will be a student of these disciplines for life.

It was during my advertising studies that I bought myself an Amiga 500+ computer. I started to teach myself animation and design. From Deluxe Paint to Imagine 3D, I just soaked up everything I could. It was the early internet days, so I mostly learnt on my own, occasionally with some friends and a mailing list or two.

That was 1990, so a fair amount of time has passed and I have learnt & done a fair amount of work since then. Centred mostly around motion graphic design, I have done work for commercials, channel imaging and show promos. Technical animation for product design and product usage has also been a big part of my career. Fairly recently I have been heavily involved in UXUI and coding, which has pushed me into so many new interesting areas of design.

The passion for exploring, learning and creating has gotten stronger over the years and I can’t wait to see where these paths lead me.

Gareth Qually